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Next Cafe: The Martial Arts as Sustainable, Healthy Practices

The “martial arts”, as an inclusive umbrella term, provide a wide variety of styles and systems from around the world that have a diversity of human movement and training methods that can heal or even harm student-practitioners. Despite their popularity in contemporary societies, the essence of many martial arts as potential lifelong, sustainable and health-giving [...]


Last Night’s Cafe: The Future for Wales – Well-being

Contemporary politics is often thought to be thin on big ideas, or ideology – and to have become nothing more than a battlefield of claims and counter-claims about managerial competence. However, in recent years, political debates in the UK (and more widely) have witnessed the emergence of a concept that evokes the moral theories of [...]


Next Cafe: The Future for Wales – Wellbeing

On Tuesday 21 May, the next in our series of ‘Future for Wales’ sessions turns to the topic of well-being – hosted as usual by The Gate, and beginning at 8.00pm. Well-being (and/or ‘happiness’) has risen up the political agenda over the last two decades, as dissatisfaction has increased with the idea that measuring economic [...]


Next Cafe: The Way We Work and the Great Transition

We’re increasingly used, in times of increasing unemployment, to hearing that worklessness creates moral as well as economic problems. Yet in such times is there enough work to go around? And should we reassess what the purpose of work in our lives is? At the next Cardiff Philosophy Cafe on 19 June 2012, Mike Harris [...]


Next Cafe: Art, the Mind and Mental Illness

The history of our understanding of the mind is replete with aesthetic images and metaphors used to represent its essential nature, from the ancient Greek pneuma to Gilbert Ryle’s description of Descartes’ concept of mind as the ‘ghost in the machine’. In this Café we will explore both how art can help us expand our [...]

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