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Next Cafe: Philosophy and Shame

Shame is often viewed as a particularly negative feeling. It might be defined as a feeling compounded of incompetence, indecency, and blame-worthiness, that can lead to self-loathing as well as anger directed inwardly or outwardly. In more extreme cases, it might be experienced as an attack on one’s identity, caused by a sense of inadequacy. [...]


Next Cafe: Should we legalise the deliberate termination of human life?

Debates around what has been called ‘assisted dying’ or ‘therapeutic killing’ are complex and often heated. In this cafe, John Saunders and Andrew Edgar (Philosophy, Cardiff University) introduce an exploration of the key moral issues at the heart of this topic to help facilitate further reflection on whether the legal status quo requires change. Join [...]


Next Cafe: What is Humanism?

How does a humanist approach to life, ethics, politics and our place in the universe? How does humanism differ from religious traditions’ ways of answering the ‘big questions’? Join us from 8.00 pm on Tuesday 19 July at The Gate where we’ll be discussing these and other issues with Mike Reynolds from Cardiff Humanist Society


Last Night’s Cafe: Sexism, Racism and Existentialism

Are sexist, racist, homophobic or other forms of widespread prejudice always a matter of conscious beliefs? In the UK, ever since the trial of the men suspected of killing Stephen Lawrence, the idea of ‘institutional racism’ has been part of public discourse. The idea that racism – the systematic disadvantaging of people based on the [...]


Next Cafe: Sexism, Racism and Existentialism

Experiments show that someone’s behaviour can manifest racist or sexist attitudes that they don’t agree with. This is a hot topic right now. How does it happen? What can be done about it? We will consider the contributions that two existentialist philosophers, Simone de Beauvoir and Frantz Fanon, can make to understanding this ‘implicit bias’. [...]


Last Night’s Cafe: What can science tell us about the future?

To what extent can science tell us what to do about the future, especially in relation to novel phenomena like climate change. Flooding across the Southwest since early January and now across the south and some areas of the Home Counties saw a link being made last week in the mainstream media for the first [...]


Next Cafe: What can science tell us about the future?

Human-caused climate change has now been openly linked to recent flooding events in Wales and Southern England. Last year’s report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reaffirmed that climate science is increasingly clear on the influence of humans on global climate. But there remain many uncertainties and complexities to consider. What exactly can science [...]


Next Cafe: The Future for Wales – Valuing Nature

Following on from our exploration of how we experience nature and how scientific thought frames the natural world, we turn on the 19th of March in our regular Cafe slot (8.00pm in the Cafe Bar at the Gate) to examine the theme of ‘Valuing Nature’. In recent years, policymakers and economists have begun to show [...]


Last Night’s Cafe – The Future for Wales: Sustainability

In the aftermath of the 2007-09 financial crisis, we are constantly told that we need to return to economic growth in order to help the UK climb out of recession, and to reduce the national deficit in order not to burden future generations with a ‘mountain of debt’. But in this climate, other ways of [...]


Last Night’s Café: The Ethics of IVF: Preventing Mitochondrial Disease

It’s 34 years since the birth of Louise Brown, the first person to be born with the aid of in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) techniques. In the intervening period, advances in these techniques have developed alongside broader advances in our understanding of how variations in human genomes (‘genome’ being the full genetic inheritance of the individual) may [...]

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