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Next Cafe: Philosophy and Shame

Shame is often viewed as a particularly negative feeling. It might be defined as a feeling compounded of incompetence, indecency, and blame-worthiness, that can lead to self-loathing as well as anger directed inwardly or outwardly. In more extreme cases, it might be experienced as an attack on one’s identity, caused by a sense of inadequacy. [...]


Last Night’s Cafe: What is Money?

The role of finance in society has been under the microscope since the financial crisis of 2007-08. Since then, we have discovered that money can, under certain circumstances, seemingly be created out of nowhere. The bank bailouts of 2008-09 were not paid for out of taxes; somehow over £1.3tn in the UK was used to [...]


Next Cafe: What is Money?

What is money, where does it come from, and what are the consequences of how it is created? In this Cafe on Tuesday 19 November 2013, Justin Lilley (Positive Money/Arian Cymru) and Dr Chris Groves (Social Sciences, Cardiff University) offer some perspectives on these and other questions. Money is a commodity that can be bought and sold [...]


Philosophy Cafe in Aberystwyth: “Homing In” Event (2 of 2)

This is the second of two posts on the event Cardiff Philosophy Cafe helped run at Aberystwyth Arts Centre on 14 June, as part of the Environmental Futures Dialogue project. Here, we look at the Cafe event held on the afternoon of the 14th, and the questions that it raised (see also Dr Ria Dunkley’s [...]


Philosophy Cafe in Aberystwyth: “Homing In” Event (1 of 2)

Next month in July, Cardiff Philosophy Cafe will be running two events as part of the Future for Wales series, examining the next of our ‘keywords’, creativity. We will be examining how confronting an uncertain future – which has been the theme of all our sessions this year – is not just an intellectual exercise. [...]


Last Night’s Cafe: Humans: Autonomous Individuals or Dependent Rational Animals?

What does it mean to be moral? Is the basis of morality the liberty to choose, or something else? In this Café, Dr Chris Groves introduced the work of a number of philosophers, feminist and otherwise, who suggest that the Enlightenment’s emphasis on the autonomy of the individual as the foundation of moral life is [...]


Next Cafe: Humans: Sovereign Individuals or Dependent Rational Animals?

20th century moral philosophy largely affirmed that reknowned Enlightenment figures like Immanuel Kant were right to view the essence of morality as acts of free choice. The basis of morality lay in the sovereign will of the independent, autonomous individual – guided by a disinterested form of moral rationality. This tradition has also given us [...]


Cafe Report: Whats the Point of Private Property?

At Tuesday’s Cafe, Chris Groves surveyed some attempts to provide an answer to this question, which represent private property as essential to human dignity and liberty, a support for identity and mental wellbeing, and the basis of providing efficiently for human needs. Judging by the straw poll at the end of the session, most of [...]


Next Cafe: What’s the Point of Private Property?

If we listen to politicians, then prosperity, security and even happiness would seem to be impossible without owning things – and, moreover, owning lots of them. Others suggest, however, that without private property, there would be no inequality, and more social solidarity – not only making us happier, but producing a more just way of [...]

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