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Next Cafe: Should we legalise the deliberate termination of human life?

Debates around what has been called ‘assisted dying’ or ‘therapeutic killing’ are complex and often heated. In this cafe, John Saunders and Andrew Edgar (Philosophy, Cardiff University) introduce an exploration of the key moral issues at the heart of this topic to help facilitate further reflection on whether the legal status quo requires change. Join [...]


A Beautiful Game? Audio available

On Tuesday, Andrew Edgar presented us with the following question: would you rather be a beautiful loser, or an ugly winner? In terms of the 2010 World Cup Final, Spain, or Holland? He also presented us with a great deal more food for thought, revealing the many complexities of the role of sport in human [...]


Next Cafe: A Beautiful Game? The philosophy of art and the 2010 World Cup final

Dr Andrew Edgar from the Department of Philosophy at Cardiff University will invite us to think more deeply about what part sport plays in our individual and collective lives – starting from the final of the 2010 World Cup between Holland and Spain. This game became notorious for the style of the Dutch play, preventing [...]


Next Cafe: A Beautiful Game? The Philosophy of Art and the 2010 World Cup final

The final of the 2010 World Cup has become notorious for the style of the Dutch play, preventing the flowing and beautiful football of the Spanish.  But if we criticise the Dutch, does this mean that we want a sporting event to be beautiful, and as such an aesthetic experience, rather just a sporting contest? [...]


Sport and Art

How are sport and art related, if at all? This was the question to which Andrew Edgar produced some thought-provoking answers yesterday at the Gate, in our special Made in Roath edition of Cardiff Philosophy Cafe.  It’s evident that there are some sports for which aesthetic criteria are important in deciding who wins or loses, [...]


Art, Sport, and the Problem of Evil

Though not quite all at the same time… This Sunday (17th October), we are holding a special Philosophy Cafe as part of the fabulous Made in Roath community arts festival. The festival takes place over the weekend, featuring a huge range of events, activities, and exhibitions, and opens at The Gate this evening, with contributions [...]

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