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Last Night’s Cafe: The Future for Wales – Creativity

At last week’s Cafe on Uncertainty and Emotions, we explored how confronting the kind of uncertain future evoked by issues like sustainability, climate change, energy, and the changing nature of work can produce strong emotional reactions, ones that change our sense of who we are, our place in the world, and our sense of possibility [...]


Next Cafe: The Future for Wales – Creativity

How do we deal with the often difficult emotions that arise when confronting an uncertain future? Following last Tuesday’s Cafe on ‘Emotions and Uncertainty’, in which the role of the stories we tell ourselves about who we are (and what we can do) was the topic of much discussion, the next of two linked Cafes [...]


Tuesday’s Cafe: The Future for Wales – Uncertainty and Emotions

This year, Cardiff Philosophy Café has been about The Future for Wales, examining the ethical and political aspects of ‘keywords’ that identify key issues about which difficult public policy choices must be made. From sustainability through energy to work and well-being, we have explored a range of questions where the one thing we can be [...]


Next Cafe: The Future for Wales – Uncertainty and Emotions

In the next of our Future for Wales series, we take a different approach to our ‘keywords’ that help to define the political agenda for the future here in Wales and in the UK. Over the last six months, we have examined a range of topics where ethical and political problems confront us all with [...]

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