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Next Cafe: Artology – Interventions and intersections between philosophy, art practice, and biomedical science

On 18 December 2012, Cardiff Philosophy Cafe plays host to Dr Jac Saorsa, Lecturer in Drawing: Fine Art from Cardiff Metropolitan University. If we observe all forms, especially the organic forms, we find that nothing is permanent, nothing is at rest, nothing concluded, but, on the contrary, that all is in continuous fluctuating movement. Goethe, [...]


Philosophy Cafe in 2013 – new developments, and a chance to shape them…

In 2013, Cardiff Philosophy Cafe will be changing. It will remain a free event based at the Gate, still take place every third Tuesday of the month, and will still continue its mission to build bridges between academia and the outside world.  Nonetheless, we can now announce what we hope will be exciting developments in [...]


Last Night’s Café: The Ethics of IVF: Preventing Mitochondrial Disease

It’s 34 years since the birth of Louise Brown, the first person to be born with the aid of in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) techniques. In the intervening period, advances in these techniques have developed alongside broader advances in our understanding of how variations in human genomes (‘genome’ being the full genetic inheritance of the individual) may [...]


Next Cafe: The Ethics of IVF: Preventing Mitochondrial Disease?

It is a long time since in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) techniques first entered the news. Yet advances in IVF continue to raise new ethical issues, around the potential for using IVF to prevent medical conditions. Mitochondrial disease, for example, is a degenerative and sometimes fatal condition, for which only limited treatments exist, with no cure possible. [...]

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