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Next Cafe: The Ethics of Artificial Meat

In vitro meat is a potential application of stem cells science, in which cells from living animals are used to “grow” muscle tissue, intended for consumption. Groups such as PETA have argued that this application of biotechnology may reduce animal suffering, by rendering farming animals for meat obsolete. It could also conceivably lead to enormous [...]


Cafe Report: Whats the Point of Private Property?

At Tuesday’s Cafe, Chris Groves surveyed some attempts to provide an answer to this question, which represent private property as essential to human dignity and liberty, a support for identity and mental wellbeing, and the basis of providing efficiently for human needs. Judging by the straw poll at the end of the session, most of [...]


Poll: What’s the point of private property?

Ahead of the next Cafe on Tuesday October 18th at The Gate, we thought you might like to try this poll. It seems that, alongside the right to vote, the right to private property is almost universally accepted as the basis of a democratic society. Yet in all such societies, economic inequality appears to be [...]


Next Cafe: What’s the Point of Private Property?

If we listen to politicians, then prosperity, security and even happiness would seem to be impossible without owning things – and, moreover, owning lots of them. Others suggest, however, that without private property, there would be no inequality, and more social solidarity – not only making us happier, but producing a more just way of [...]

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