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Cardiff Philosophy Cafe on Facebook

Just to announce that the Cafe now has its own Group on Facebook, which you can visit (and join if you have a FB account) by clicking here. Once you’re in, you can post things of interest to/interact and discuss issues with fellow CPC attendees, find out news about upcoming events, and discover links to [...]


Mind, Brain and Identity (3): Self-consciousness and the body

Thanks to everyone who packed into the Cafe Bar at the Gate last night for J.J. Hodge’s provocative presentation on the shortcomings of materialism. There follows the third of three posts intended to complement the theme of materialism and the mind. In the last two posts, we looked at Cartesian dualism, and then the “narrative [...]


Mind, Brain and Identity (1): Cartesian Theatres

This month, on 21st September, Cardiff Philosophy Cafe will be running a session led by J. J. Hodge entitled Materialism, the Mind and the Brain. Ahead of this Cafe, there will be three posts on the subject of mind and identity, of which this is the first, looking at the theory of mind held by [...]


The Difficulties of Forgiveness (2)

The consequentialist view of forgiveness which I outlined in the previous post on forgiveness, in which I drew on Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela’s writings, represents the end of forgiveness as lying outside itself, as a process of personal and social healing which is necessary to turn a harmed individual’s eyes away from the past and train them [...]


Caring about the future revisited

Further to the earlier post about ethics and future generations, this post from last year over at tries to establish that future generations have rights which might be legally defensible in the present. Think of this example: If someone set a bomb to go off in a public square 100 years from now, is [...]


The Difficulties of Forgiveness (1)

What is forgiveness? And are there times when it is impossible? Moreover, are there times when it is not only impossible, but wrong to forgive? Jo Berry, whose father Sir Anthony Berry was killed in the IRA’s bombing of the Grand Hotel in Brighton back in 1984, is perhaps best known for her interviews, speeches, [...]


What makes us care about the future?

The climate scientist James Hansen, writing in todays’ Guardian, suggests that one of his major motivations for speaking out more and more about the need to mitigate human-caused climate change is his grandchildren. Fourteen months later I gave another public talk – connecting the dots from global warming to policy implications to criticisms of the [...]

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